The answer may seem obvious, but let's think about this.

Is it before 7 am?


We're not judging. We're just trying to figure out what time it is. We are literally the last people to judge you on what time you're drinking a beer.


Have you been awake all night drinking beer?


Woo! You'll still be judged by most of society, but not us! Let's get this party started. Did you get a good night's sleep?


It might be a little early to enjoy a beer. Go grab a hot cup of joe, shove some Baileys in that little puppy, and suck it down. By the time you're done, it'll probably be after 7 am. 


Listen're just drunk and emotional right now. Let's be reasonable and figure this thing out. We're not saying you shouldn't drink a beer, we just need as much information as possible so that we can make the best decision here.


Just f$%king admit it...You only clicked that option because you wanted to see what we'd say here. You're not Jack McCoy, and he's not your lawyer either. Quit screwing around and let's drink some beer.


And you still want to drink a beer? You're a soldier my friend. Just to make sure, what have you actually been drinking all night?


We've all done it. Keep your head down and get'er done. The beer will be crisp and delicious when your finished.


That's gross. Jager is gross and Red Bull is gross and you're gross. Go shower the gross off and let us know when you're ready to drink some beer.


What? Now we're judging you. Coffee is f#$king delicious. We didn't expect you to say that, so you'll just have to figure this one out on your own champ. Probably you should drink some coffee.


Have it your way then. You should drink a beer, but starting this early is a one-way ticket to nap city. What sort of beer do you typically drink?


It's beer-thirty dude! Let's grab a beer and immediately forget the semester's worth of developmental psychology you just crammed into your head during the night.


So you should probably drink a great beer now. What do you know about great beer?


We hate that feeling. You feel like a zombie. Welp, let's just power through this. 


We love scotch. It's delicious. You should probably just keep drinking scotch at this point, but if you're trying to board the beer express, let's do this.


Gin, Vodka, Rum, Schnapps,'s all got its place. But we do beer here. You down with that?


You taste that? That's what really clever marketing tastes like. We're not immune to cheap beer, but we'd prefer you learn a little more about the good stuff.


That crap will kill you. You're not 19 anymore (or you are). Put it down and back away slowly. You ready to actually drink a beer?


That is a great attitude! We can name about 5000 great beers you've never tried. Let's get you started.


A great beer tastes so much better when you discover the people who made it. This is our mission at The Brew Enthusiast. We want to build a knowledgeable craft community by helping you discover the best side of the brewing industry.