I'll admit that while its lost a lot of its authenticity through mass marketing and message dilution, "craft" is still a powerful driver of brand positioning, maintaining a certain inimitable resonance through the recent and impressive industry growth and signifying a powerful level of intentionality, purpose, and yes, counter culture resistance to mass market fizzy yellow beer.

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A Moment to Savor

Talk to most people who live in D.C. these days, and they’ll describe the collective anxiety that has crept into everyday life here since the election.  It doesn’t matter if your candidate had a little “D” or “R” next to their name; it’s the constant partisan tension, the heated rhetoric, and the general animosity toward one’s fellow citizen that seems to have enveloped the country, and been distilled to its purest form in the capital city. 

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Chris McClellan
Why Do Brewers Collaborate?

I’ve been increasingly interested in what drives collaboration brewing and what impact it has on the beer industry, so I packed up my bags and flew out to Denver to experience Collaboration Fest 2016, held on Saturday March 19th in Sports Authority Field At Mile High Stadium (that’s not how to squeeze a lucrative stadium sponsorship into an established venue name by the way), home of the current Super Bowl champs, the Denver Broncos.

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Jon UrchUrchComment