Savor - Washington, D.C 2014

Beautiful place to drink beer

This event has been covered ad nauseam in the D.C press over the past month, but I’ll tell you what…it was freaking fun. We had to go check it out. Our hopes and dreams of live tweeting the event and taking lots of pictures were soon dashed…we were far too busy enjoying the best beer in the world (Literally. This is an event that breweries really go all out for and it shows).

Awesome fellas from Copper Kettle Brewing out of Denver!

I have never been in a room like this before. 70+ breweries and I enjoyed almost all of their beer.  If you’ve been living in a box and you’re not familiar with Savor, it’s a fancy-pants festival at the D.C National Building Museum (which is stunning by itself), with delicious bites to pair along with the unique beers the breweries bring to the table, some of which are brewed just for this occasion or are at least not the typical flagship styles. Ticket prices are steep, but you do get quite an experience. “Salons” are available for the folks looking to get a deep dive into the specifics around brewing.

Some of my favorites of the night –

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery – Gingerbread Stout. OMG. And I never acronym publicly like that. Get some. In fact, this brewery is making some of the best beer I’ve had in a long time.

Societe Brewing Company – The Apprentice. This is the beer I want at the end of the work day. Sippable, quaffable, and flavorful.

Kelso Brewing – Industrial IPA. Hop forward and intense, but so lovely. Really really really good beer here.

Baxter Brewing – Tarnation California Style Lager. Think Anchor Steam Lager on steroids. Musty, complex, with subtle yet perfectly balanced hop notes that slide over the edge of your tongue.

I could keep going, but that enough for now. Savor was great and I’m excited to see all these great breweries continue to be awesome.



Chris McClellan