2014: American Craft Beer with Fun Numbers

The Brewer's Association just released its 2014 numbers around craft beer, and oh my...it's good news. Craft beer, as a whole, has taken 11% of U.S market share in beer. That means that 11% of all the beer sold in this great country is made by folks who like how beer tastes. It was purchased by people who like how beer tastes. The people have spoken, and consumed, and their palate craves the good stuff. Off the record...I've been known to enjoy a Natty Boh, Ranier, and Narragansett once in a while, and I'm well aware that they don't carry a craft pedigree. I'm not a snob, and I'm not hater...I'm just happy that this great industry is growing.

Let's have some fun with numbers:

22.2 million barrels of craft beer were created in 2014 in America by craft brewers. In other words:

  • 44.4 million kegs
  • 688.2 million gallons of beer
  • 5.5 billion 16 oz pints of beer.
  • 88.08 billion ounces of beer.

If every resident of our nation's most populated city, New York, drank 2 craft beers a day, it would take them almost a year to drink all the beer made by American craft breweries. And this is including lots of people who cannot legally drink.

If you lined up every (16 oz) pint of this beer in one line, the line would be 282,123 miles long. This is enough to wrap around the Earth....over 11 times.

If you stacked every (standard) keg of this beer in one column, the column would be 16,397 miles high

And you want to know, by far, our favorite part of all this? It's the fact that the stories, and the love, and dare we say it...the passion, that went into these pints and kegs is growing along with the volume of beer itself. That's 5.5 billion opportunities to chat with a friend. 5.5 billion opportunities to try something new. It's a wonderful thing to see this growth quantified, because it makes all their effort seem real to us. This is literally what we're trying to do at The Brew Enthusiast...educate, inform, and open your eyes to the great world of people behind 5.5 well-crafted pints of hard work, imagination, and American small businesses doing what it does best.

Here's to 5.5 billion more folks.

- Chris