Women and(in) Great Beer - American Craft Beer Week 2015

The narrative around women's participation in politics, business, tech, and many other traditionally male-dominated industries has grown louder and more prolific with each passing year. It's 2015, and I'm finally seeing some frankly laughable stuff like "equal pay for equal work" being addressed in our society. It's a real issue, and I couldn't be happier that we're seeing progress on that front.

This narrative has a terribly apropos analog in the beer business, and I thought it would be nice to take a minute, since it's American Craft Beer Week and all,  and highlight a few of the craft industry's finest thought leaders, businesses, and entrepreneurs...who just so happen to be women. Women were, after all, the first brewers (this is a fact). As beer has evolved over the centuries, women have been there as a guiding light and cultural impetus. It's spectacular.

  1. Jackalope Brewing Company - Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball

Founded by Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball, this brewery opened in May, 2011 and has been bringing amazingly delicious craft beer to the Nashville, TN area ever since.

      2. Stoudts Brewing Company - Carol Stoudt

Started by Ed and Carol Stoudt in 1987, these guys make our favorite Pilsner in the world. They're restaurant is also amazing, so next time you head to Adamstown, PA...you know where you're having dinner.

    3. Dogfish Head Brewing - Mariah Calagione

We all know mighty Sam as the front man and resident cool guy for the DogFish brand, but his wife Mariah is no slouch. She's heads up marketing for the brewery and we're guessing she could probably drink you under the table.

    4. New Belgium Brewing - Kim Jordan

A true colorado craft beer pioneer, Kim has been an outspoken advocate of women in the craft business for years. She also runs one of the most successful and delicious independent craft breweries in the world. What a catch eh?

    5. Brewer's Association - Julia Herz

Julia is the real deal. Highly credentialed and insightful, Julia is tireless in her role heading up the BA's craft beer program. Make sure to read pretty much every article she publishes, as they're awesome and often full of surprising information about craft beer.

    6. Golden Road Brewing - Meg Gill

Founded in 2011 by Meg Gill and Tony Yanow, Golden Road is a kickass brewery in California that's been making waves lately in the press (ba-dum). Drink their brown ale and thank us later.

    7. Throwback Brewery - Annette Lee and Nicole Carrier

These two women started their brewery in 2010 in the pretty area of North Hampton, New Hampshire. You must stop in when you find yourself touring the northeast!

   8. Intercourse Brewing Company - Nicole Courides 

Hehe. Ok that's enough. I love that this brewery has such a great sense of humor. Founded in 2008 in the traditionally dry Amish county of Intercourse, they've been cranking out some great beers for a while now.

    9. Indeed Brewing Company - Rachel Anderson

Started in 2011; Rachel, Tom, and Nathan got Indeed Brewing Company going in Minneapolis because they loved beer and they loved Minnesota. It was kismet, and they've been making awesome beer since.

What else did I miss? I know there's a ton out there, and I'd love to highlight as many as possible. Shoot me a message, or comment below, and we'll keep the love coming.

- Chris

Chris McClellan