10 Beer Films You Should Watch in 2017

These are all independently produced craft beer films focusing on the industry, culture, and growth of craft beer in America. Some of these focus on a particular state's growing craft scene, and some focus on the journey of a craft brewery, but they're all broadly aimed at evangelizing the local industry in the U.S and providing a new lens and independent voice for those small business owners out there producing awesome beer.  Some of these films are marginally dated at this point, and certainly the recent slowdown in craft beer in 2017 proves some of these predictions wrong, but they're still worth a watch.


1. Crafting A Nation - One of our favorites. The path to success in great beer, beautifully made.


2. Beer Culture - This is what great beer is all about.


3. Blood, Sweat, and Beer - Get inside the growth and passion for great beer.


4. Craft - Straight to the point.


5. The Love of Beer - Great women in great beer.


6. Michigan Beer Film - Touting awesome beer culture in Michigan. Coming out soon.


7. Craft - The California Craft Beer Documentary - The home of the american craft beer movement.


8. Brewconomy - Craft beer in the south's craft beer capital...North Carolina.


9. Brewed in Brooklyn  - Once an epicenter of american beer, learn about Brooklyn's awesome history.


10. Beer Wars - Classic film on the american beer industry. A bit contentious, but full of facts (and beer love) and worth watching.