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Is Beer An Emotional Purchase?

Beer is important. It's not, in any circumstance, a means to an end. In some of the most important ways, great beer is a journey that folks embark upon for the sake of it, eschewing the idea that there's even a need for a destination. It's experiential. You might drink a beer to catch a buzz, and I feel you on that, but generally you drink a beer because engaging in the drinking fprocess is the most important part, and catching a buzz is just a side-effect.

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Does Everyone Have a Price?

Money talks. It's the loudest talker in the room actually. The best, and worst, things in the world are done for the sake of money. Craft beer is a business. It operates on cash flow like the rest of us do. The only difference, as I see it, is the intention behind the cash flow, and the reason to be in the business at all. Great breweries make great beer, and sell it for a price, so that they can make more great beer. They don't sell it to make as much money as possible and build huge, soulless efficiencies in their business.

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10 Beer Films You Should Watch in 2017

These are all independently produced craft beer films focusing on the industry, culture, and growth of craft beer in America. Some of these focus on a particular state's growing craft scene, and some focus on the journey of a craft brewery, but they're all broadly aimed at evangelizing the industry.

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