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Let's Talk Malt

Of the four basic ingredients that go into making that finely crafted pint that is ostensibly in your hand right now, I might argue that malt is the most underrated. Sure, water gets mightily overlooked, but the coaxed grain that goes into the brewhouse isn’t as sexy as hops, or as mystical as yeast, and most beer drinkers these days pay little mind to its contributions in the brewing process.

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Styles and ScienceJames Tai
Brettanomyces - The definitively short backstory of horse-blankets and modern brewing

For a huge portion of history, and for most styles of traditionally brewed beer, brettanomyces (or "brett", for short) was an unwanted, nasty, and wild yeast that infected your beer, ruined your wine, and rotted your fruit (brett naturally lives happily on the skins of most fruits). Today, brett is a popular yeast used by breweries all around the world.

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