Chris was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont. He studied at the University of Vermont and currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife Rachel, son Beckett, and dog Hobbes. A beer industry veteran and enthusiast, his love for great beer started at his first job out of business school, working for the brewery in his hometown...a small shop called Magic Hat Brewing Company. After a few years of sales and marketing there, Chris moved to D.C. He was lucky enough to work on the ground floor at LivingSocial as one of the first employees at the company, and has held technology contracting and project management positions at some of the world’s biggest creative agencies and media companies. He has stayed thirsty the whole time, and now works as a Senior Ambassador for the Guinness Brewery here in the states, an educational program focused on great storytelling and the fantastic portfolio of the Guinness Brewery. He still maintains his consulting and strategy practice at The Brew Enthusiast.

 All that being said, Chris will readily admit that an ideal day would involve a sunny porch, a cold beer, a few good friends, and not much else. His vision for founding The Brew Enthusiast lay in the anecdotes, folklore, and stories he constantly heard from friends, former colleagues, and fellow working professionals in the beer world. Great stories like these are helping to educate a generation of consumers with a genuine interest in great beer and the compelling, thoughtful people who produce it.

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