According to the Brewer's Association, Minnesota currently ranks 16th in our nation in craft breweries per capita with 73 craft breweries in the state (realistically we're probably looking at closer to 80-85 now), which brewed roughly 530,000 barrels of beer in 2014. That's 132.5 million 16 oz pints of beer. If that ain't love, we don't what is. But if you're from Minnesota, this is old news. Minnesotans have quietly been producing great beer for a long time, and it's high time the coasts of our country heard about it. We couldn't have been happier to sit down with Rachel Anderson, one of the three founders of Indeed Brewing Company coming out of beautiful Minneapolis, MN.



If you've been to the Twin Cities, you know it's a really nice place to be, and not just for the famously nice people and their even more infamous accents, doncha know. The Minneapolis area always makes the top of the list for most livable metropolitan areas, and if you're someone who likes to get outside and absorb a few rays of sunshine in the summer, it's pretty much heaven. Yes it's quite cold, but whatever...put on a jacket. In recent years, the number of breweries in the city has easily doubled, and their thirst keeps growing. A road trip into the heart of Minnesota this summer should be on your short list. 

Featured Brewery

Indeed Brewing Company


Address - 711 15th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Founding date - January 1st, 2011

# of Employees - 41-60

Where can I find their beer? - Throughout Minnesota! 

Tasting Room Summer Hours:

  • THURSDAY: 3 PM – 11 PM
  • FRIDAY: 12 PM – 11 PM
  • SATURDAY: 12 PM – 11 PM
  • SUNDAY: 12 PM – 8 PM

Left to Right - Tom Whisenand, Rachel Anderson, Josh Bischoff, Nathan Berndt. 

Let's talk about great beer. Indeed Brewing Company was the brainchild of three friends who went to college together at the University of Minnesota. Go Gophers. Rachel Anderson, Tom Whisenand, and Nathan Berndt worked at the school paper during college, each of whom was pursuing a degree in journalism. The trio tried their best to keep in touch during the post-college years. Tom was working at Town Hall Brewery along with Indeed's current head brewer, Josh Bischoff, during this time. It turns out that Josh was a critical addition to the team, as none of the founding members had any professional brewing experience. Rachel was quick to mention how much they appreciated Josh's approach, talent, and contribution to the continued success of the brewery.

Throughout our conversation, Rachel's tone never wavered from the quiet confidence that you just sort of expect from a down-to-earth midwesterner. When I asked her about the fears of starting her first business, her answer was nice, polite, and brief..." We were really confident right from the beginning. We had a strong commitment to making great beer."

What an approach! But I think any small business owner out there would tell you that a little confidence goes a long way in seeing your project come to fruition. It was 2010, and the three of them had been tossing around this idea of a brewery for a while. When they finally mustered up enough momentum, they put together a business plan and it was off to the races. And what a race it's been. They brewed 1000 barrels of beer in 2012 (that's 2000 kegs), 6000 in 2013, and 14000 in 2014! Clearly this confidence thing must work a little bit.

The new L.S.D offering from Indeed Brewing

Indeed Brewing has quickly become a stalwart craft option in Minnesota in just a few years. Another Minneapolis favorite, Surly Brewing Company, was experiencing rapid growth when Indeed opened its doors in 2012, and Rachel and the team were happy to grab a piece of the action. Rachel, Tom, and Nate fell into their respective sales and operational roles at the brewery relatively smoothly, relying on their strengths and interests to keep the business running and growing. You'll notice the logo, a product of Rachel's design skills, is a snowy tribute to the fair city in which they live.

And, of course, the beer is fantastic. Quality, always a priority for the team, has remained top-notch since they opened. Looking at the current line-up of flagship and seasonal releases, you see some excellent representative styles along with a quirky and inspired seasonal variation thrown into the mix. We recommend you give the L.S.D (Which stands for Lavender, Sunflower honey, and Dates) a try and let us know what you think. It's a trip.

We asked her whether the sudden explosion of new breweries in Minnesota was a product of the current national growth in craft beer, or if there was a local driver pushing more entrepreneurs into the business. We learned that Minnesota's legislature passed a regulation in May 2012 (right after Indeed opened its tap room) legalizing on-premise sale and consumption of beer. The ability to have a taproom can be directly attributed to the number of breweries that have opened in the last 3 years in Minnesota, both for the appeal of drinking a beer fresh at the brewery and the better margins a brewery can get from selling it right there. Local demand has also increased exponentially, an obvious trend you can see happening across the U.S.

A sweet little nightshot of Whirlygig 2015, Indeed's annual festival at the brewery.

Indeed found its home in Northeast Minneapolis in a distinctly artsy part of town, surrounded by small businesses, creative studios, and neighborhoods full of appreciative locals. Indeed's employees, which has grown to over 40 individuals in just 3 years, continue to stay involved with their local community, donating their time to a local charity of their choosing and of course, donating beer when they can.

We think you should probably go check these guys out. They've got a legendarily good outdoor space to drink a few beers with friends, and you'll never be too far from a delicious food truck when the hunger hits. Let us know what you thought and make sure to check out the rest of our brewery features here at The Brew Enthusiast.