Jon Urch


A new writer to The Brew Enthusiast, Jon was lucky to escape the constant rain, thick fog, and red double-decker buses of his hometown of London six years ago when he was transplanted to New York City by the makers of Guinness. You’ve seen Family Guy, right? That is actually what England is like. A long time beer fan and industry professional, Jon has become mildly obsessed with the US beer industry and writes about it on his blog about people, drinks and the people in drinks, The Drinking Classes. He also runs a recruitment firm specializing in the drinks industry called Wednesday Consulting and works as a marketing consultant. Still a rabid Guinness fan and now a Certified Cicerone® to boot, Jon lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with his wife and often gets up far too early on the weekend to watch rugby in the New York pubs kind enough to show it to him.

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