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The golden age of beer

The beer industry as a whole is currently, and arguably, in the throes of its most dramatic period of evolution since it became a real industry in the United States. How we choose to evaluate this evolution is the only difference between success and failure in the modern age of brewing.


Product/market fit & Brewing

I’m back with a post about beer, brewing technology, and the go to market strategy behind these extremely clever, and rather unfortunate, homebrewing machines that seem to have popped into existence and penetrated the market quite thoroughly in recent years.

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Why would you ever launch a beer nationally?

Beer is coming back to its roots, so to speak, defying the homogenization that consolidated our country’s alcoholic backbone in the 20th century to a select few producers of relatively flavorless light lager, and instead moving toward the consumption patterns of the hyper-local past,


IBUS & Beer

Let's look at a well-known, yet little understood way of measuring how bitter a beer is. IBUs are often thrown around as a trendy stat on product labels and beer descriptions, and while they're a very relevant way of measuring certain aspects of a beer's flavor and aroma, they do not (in any way) make a beer better or worse. It's all about matching your preferences to the measurable facts about a beer to find that perfect sweet spot for you.